There’s No Secret
You Can Get a Lean, Strong, Healthy, and Athletic Body At Home In As Little As 4 Weeks

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This Basic Athletic Training Method Proves You Can Get Results At Home 

There’s No Secret
You Can Get a Lean, Strong, Healthy, and Athletic Body At Home In As Little As 4 Weeks

Reg. $167 

NOW $29

This Basic Athletic Training Method Proves You Can Get Results At Home 



Yes, You Can Get Real Results WITHOUT A Complicated Fitness Program

There’s no magic formula or big secret for getting lean, sculpted, and healthy at home.

In fact, if there’s any secret at all, it’s that simplicity and balance are key.

But 90% of workout programs you see online overcomplicate fitness…

Which is why after a week or two, you’re ready to quit.

They all claim to have “the ONE thing” you need to get the body you want…

But it always turns out that “one thing” either costs a lot of money (like an expensive shake to go along with your workout)...

Or it costs you a lot of time (like extreme hour-long workouts you can barely get through unless you modify, which doesn’t feel like a workout at all).

That’s the bad news.

Good news is there’s a better way to train that helps you…

  • Sculpt a leaner, stronger body
  • Improve day-to-day function
  • Support better mobility
  • Increase your core strength
  • ​Feel more confident
And gives you a more balanced, sustainable way to get the body you want.

I’ll tell you how in a minute.

But I’m not going to waste your time and tell you there's a secret to it. 

Will you have to show up and work? Yes. 

Except it’s simpler than you think...

Something I Picked Up From the Pros? “Simple” Is Better Than “Easy” 

That’s why it makes sense you might be frustrated by fitness plans with just one goal in mind…

Because most fitness programs, whether it’s one you pieced together yourself or one you bought from an “expert”, are usually only designed to reach a single victory (like being lighter on the scale) and not much else.

You may drop a dress or pants size… but still have a hard time bending, running, walking, or jumping...

Or you may have beat your mile time… but still don’t feel confident in your clothes.
These trade-offs may not seem big at first, but they affect the way we feel about ourselves and how we show up in our lives.

They may even cause you to believe you have to choose a lean sculpted body over a highly functional body that lets you move through your day with ease and power...or vice versa.

In short, it’s really hard to find training that incorporates both.

I know. I looked for years.

And based on my own personal experience…

And the science behind one of the most effective training methods ever developed, I can tell you there is a more balanced way to train that gets REAL life results...
It helps you build a lean, sculpted body that feels incredible and helps you move through life feeling capable and confident.

And now that you’re on this page, you don’t have to suffer through the mistakes I made before I figured out a better way to train...

Something I Picked Up From the Pros? “Simple” Is Better Than “Easy” 

My name is Aaron Lesue, and I’m a former Starting Division 1 Running Back, US Bobsled athlete, professional football player in the AFL, and also a US 7 Rugby Development Player.

Whether or not that means anything to you, the point is I’ve done my fair share of training for those three sports.

And what I’ve found is most people don’t really understand what they need to do to get fit, so they either try too many things that promise to be “easy” and end up confused when they’re not so easy…

Or they don’t do anything at all. 

Neither one will get you results. Maybe you can relate?

The truth is you can keep your training super simple at home and still reach your goals. 

In fact, it’s faster that way because it’s easier to stick to, and showing up is half the battle. 

On the other hand, when you aim for “easy” rather than “simple”, you end up doing more work in the long run than if you just simplified the right way to do it.

This principle is how athletes stay in shape on the road or during off season, and they’re some of the leanest, most sculpted people on the planet.

Their training is simple, yet challenging enough to get results.

And there’s a lot we can learn from them.
That’s when I realized it doesn’t take long to create an imbalance.
That’s when I realized it doesn’t take long to create an imbalance.
Maybe you’ve never had a serious training injury or trained for two different sports… but I know you can relate. Here’s why:

Like I mentioned before, a lot of us settle with certain “trade offs” when it comes to our body...
  • Like getting a smaller number on the scale, but more noticeably achy joints…
  • ​Or looking great in your clothes but feeling exhausted and drained by the end of the day…
  • ​Or even finally managing your back pain but still wanting to drop 2 or 3 more pant sizes...
But why should you have to choose?

In sports, we call these “performance trade-offs”, which means you’re choosing one function over another… and it’s the biggest flaw most fitness programs have.

It’s also the reason most people who have tried a number of fitness programs sometimes still don’t like the way their body looks or feels when they’ve completed it...

And why people who haven’t done much with fitness usually don’t know where to start.


What I’ve found is if you want to get the body you want from home without a gym…

You have to simplify these 3 things:

1. Power - Power training boosts the strength you need for just about any task. Almost any activity you can think of, from playing a pickup game of soccer over the weekend to cleaning the house, is easier with stronger muscles.

Power helps you exert strength quickly, which is important for staying injury-free in your workouts and in your daily life.
1. Strength Training - Strength training helps you sculpt lean muscle and burn more calories at rest. But you don’t need lots of equipment to do it. 

3 things are required for your body to build muscle: 1. Mechanical Tension, 2. Metabolic Stress (the Pump), and 3. Muscle Damage. You will still achieve this at home as you focus more on tempo, rep range, volume, and intensity. 
2. Conditioning - When you try to base your entire fitness routine on cardio training, like only running or walking,  you may never see the results you want.

That’s because overdoing endurance can drop your resting metabolic rate and result in loss of lean muscle tissue. Even though you can burn calories with these exercises, you only get a short-term boost. You'll find the most effective balance of HIIT training & conditioning challenges to get the maximum benefits. 
3. Nutrition - The question I get the most is, “What workout can I do to get rid of my belly fat?”

The answer is there isn’t one. This part comes back to a balanced diet. Inside you'll get everything you need including Calorie and Macronutrient guidance for your goals. 
But notice I didn’t say you have to avoid an entire food group or only eat when the moon is full, or whatever influencers are telling you. There is no “holy grail” diet… just the perfect diet for you.

Simplifying all three of these things is necessary to create the body you really want and keep it.

What’s not necessary is...

👎 Overtraining.
👎 Using tons of equipment. 
👎 Or fancy shakes and elimination diets.

Yes, you have to show up and do the work.

But no, you don’t have to make a big production out of it to get the results you want. 
And don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you you have to do old-school pushups and situps all day long and send you on your way, either…
My method is based on basic athletic training that anyone can do at home using just bodyweight and minimal equipment to get fit, healthy, and strong…

It’s exactly how an athlete would do it if they were too busy or didn’t have access to a gym...

And Real People Are Getting Real Results...

Cait K.

“Do yourself a favor and give this style of training a try!”

”Do yourself a favor and give this style of training a try! Since Bootcamp I’ve been invited to play on an elite nationwide select side squad (Phoenix Rugby) for Las Vegas Invitational. 

I’ve also been invited to play for USA South in their first Rugby 15s tournament.“

Luca S.

“Within the first week I began feeling the difference…”

”Athlete Body Bootcamp IS different. Within the first week I began feeling the difference. Not the typical feel-good feeling you get 2 weeks into other programs losing weight... knee pain started going away, I could stretch my knee in ways I never was able to before. Week 2 I started feeling more connected with my legs. 

I literally felt 10 yrs younger. By the end I lost 14lbs, body fat: 12.7% to 10.3%, & STILL gained muscle in my legs”

Josh R.

“I'll train this way for the rest of my life…”

“I can honestly say I started noticing and feeling a difference in just 2 days. I'll never go back to the typical gym bro splits and I'll train this way for the rest of my life.

I'm absolutely leaner, stronger & more athletic than I have been in years!

It’s As Simple As Showing Up, Following the Steps, and Watching Your Body Transform In As Little As 4 Weeks…

Imagine being able to show up in your living room, do the work, and see a noticeable difference in as little as a month from now.

That’s what happens when you start training this way…

Because there’s no guesswork, no crazy diets, and no insane workouts that make you quit six minutes into them.

  • Instead, my plan teaches you exactly how to...
  • Shred fat using minimal equipment so it’s easy to show up and get the work done
  • Train for both strength AND endurance to get long-term results 
  • Precisely track nutrition to perfectly support your training and lifestyle
  • Prioritize sleep and recovery so you don’t burn out
  • Increase your mobility to make life easier
All by keeping the core of your training athletic, so you can get the body you want at home before another month goes by without results.

Take a Look at a Few More Results from People Who Started Training This Way…

Hope M.

“Thrilled with my progress so far…”

Coming into this my self-worth was really low so I jumped into this program and pushed myself for 30 days… 

I had 70 extra pounds (that my coaches had me put on so our front row could be as close to 1000lbs as possible) to get rid of. I loved the workouts and am thrilled with my progress so far.

Jacob S.

“It has brought me so much more joy and confidence!”

The biggest change I have seen in myself, was on the pitch. I played a game and I looked like a completely different player, I was sharp in attack running lines with confidence and powering through defenders… 

It was shocking to witness how much this program has changed my game play for the better, it has brought me so much more joy and confidence on the pitch!

Julio Z.

“I’m really happy with the overall result…”

It wasn't until I started following Aaron on Instagram that I really learned how to train. I watched his videos and kept thinking that I could never be doing workouts like that. 

Finally I decided to join his website and it wasn’t until then that I realized all I've been doing wrong all these years... Slowly but surely I lost 30 pounds! I went up to 20 wide grip pull ups! Also I can do 200 push-ups when I don’t do upper body… Be patient, trust and enjoy the process!

Emily G.

“Slowly but surely I lost 30 pounds!”

Training was hard. I'm not going to lie. Some days my legs would be burning so much… But once I was done with the sets I'd get a buzz and felt proud of myself. 

I'm really happy with the overall result. I feel lighter on my feet, I can lift so much more than I used to and my shoulders don't feel like they're gonna dislocate at any given moment! I notice a lot of muscle gain in my legs and even my arms (which never happens because I've always avoided upper body training like the plague).

Ryan S.

“I can honestly say I’ll never go back to training any other way!”

I really didn’t know what to expect or if it would work for me. But I can honestly say I’ll never go back to training any other way. The result was real and it was good to finally have someone show how it really works. 

I’ve never eaten or trained like this in my life (until now)... even my wife loves my new obsession with training legs! 

This Method Is For You If You Want a Smarter Way to Train For Life

The great thing about training this way is it’s sustainable. With most programs, you reach a goal (or not) and move on…

But athletes train for longevity, they want to stay on the field as long as possible. 

That’s why I’ve taken their simple training principles and packaged them up in a way that lets anyone use them for life. 

Unless you like hopping from program to program and chasing down results… this is for you.

In 4 Weeks From Now, You Could Be Enjoying Results Like...

  • Lean, sculpted arms, legs, and abs that make your clothes fit better and support a healthier, faster metabolism
  • Less fat in hard-to-target areas
  • Increased mobility for less aches, soreness, and sudden injuries
  • More core strength to support better posture and balance
  • Insane confidence that helps you get more done and look incredible while you’re doing it
  • And you can get these results at home with minimal equipment and ZERO stress.

Here’s What’s Included In My 4-Week At-Home Training Plan

At-Home Athlete includes…


You’ll get written and video workouts to help you follow along at home. Each exercise is modified so you have the option to do it at any level.

This includes…
  • LOWER BODY EMPHASIS -​ Lower body focus helps you build a solid, powerful foundation and lean, sculpted legs
  • UPPER BODY EMPHASIS - ​Upper body focus creates a strong, proportionate body
  • FULL BODY WORKOUTS -​ Whole body workouts improve coordination and balance
  • SHOULDER STABILITY & MOBILITY - Because healthy shoulders = strong shoulders, which means less pain, tension, and injury in your future
  • GLUTE & HAMSTRING ACTIVATION - Learn exactly how to activate and leverage these important athletic muscles to build a balanced, functional body
  • CONDITIONING CHALLENGES -​ Boost your cardiovascular endurance to a new level to support more energy day to day
  • 6-PACK FINISHERS - ​Support your foundation of fitness with strong, sleek core muscles that look great and help you power through activities with less pain or fatigue
  • STRETCH ROUTINES -​ Because flexibility is key for having a truly healthy body you can rely on for life
  • NUTRITION GUIDANCE - For your goals. 
  • **BONUS** 1 MONTH FREE OF ATX RECIPES: With purchase of any intro program you receive 1 free month of recipes that are inside the ATX membership!


You’ll also receive a personalized calorie target and macro numbers to base your nutrition on, plus you’ll get meal templates that you can use to hit your goals every single day.

You’ll finally learn how to eat right for you and your goals.

These help you far more than a meal plan, because instead of me telling you what to eat, you’re learning the principles of how to eat for life… which ultimately gives you more freedom and control.


The secret is out! I’m sharing my grocery list so you never have to wonder what to buy at the store, or what to eat for your meals once you get your macro requirements. This will make it easy for you to stick to your goals without spending a ton.
That’s a Total Value of over $1,100!

(but you won’t be paying ANYWHERE near that today…)
In fact, I’m giving you instant access to this training for just a fraction of that cost.

Because if more people knew these principles and had access to training like this, they’d have a totally different relationship with their bodies and fitness…

It makes the “work” feel like play.

I Guarantee If You Don’t Get Leaner, More Sculpted, and Healthier By The Time You Complete This Program…

Then I’ll refund you every penny. The reason is because if you honestly do the workouts, eat the food, and prioritize recovery the way I show you in this plan… you almost can’t fail.

There’s no big secret, no magic formula… if you show up and follow these principles the way I’ve laid them out, this will be the last plan you ever need to look and feel your best.

Because this isn’t just a crash course in weight loss, this is a training plan based on real athletic training methods you can use for life to get lean, sculpted, and healthy at home.

So today, I want to give you a special deal on my
 At-Home Athlete Program

When you act now, you’ll get instant unlimited access to the full 4-Week Program with online training videos and a library of resources for…

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Get Instant Unlimited Access Now!
You won’t find a program like this for this price anywhere else, let alone a pro athlete giving up all of their secrets without charging a premium.

PLUS, it’s backed by my 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

So today, I want to give you a special deal on my At-Home Athlete Program

When you act now, you’ll get instant unlimited access to the full 4-Week Plan with online training videos and a library of resources for…

Reg. $167 

SALE $29


Get Instant Unlimited Access Now!
You won’t find a program like this for this price anywhere else, let alone a pro athlete giving up all of their secrets without charging a premium.

PLUS, it’s backed by my 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

So, You Have Two Choices...

😟 #1 - Keep doing what you’re doing and keep getting the same results… and get further away from the goals you’re trying to reach, and possibly sabotage your long-term health and results while you’re at it.
🤗 #2 - Commit to just 4 weeks of building a solid foundation for your fitness so you not only look incredible, but you also have more energy, more confidence, and better overall health… and a simple way to train for life.
So now, let me ask you…

Where do you want to be 4 weeks from now?

The choice is yours.

Reg. $167 

NOW $29


Get Instant Unlimited Access Now!



Aaron Lesue started his career in American Football (where he broke the AFL single season touchdown record playing for the Utah Blaze) and was also a professional US Bobsled athlete.

Eventually, Rugby also stole a piece of his heart, so he left the AFL to play on the United States 7s development team in 2013, then he eventually suffered a career-ending knee injury in his final football season in 2014.

Aaron’s training philosophy is simple: "If you want to look and play like an athlete, train like an athlete.”

When one eats, and trains for strength and conditioning like an athlete should... the result is ultimate balance, maximum athletic capacity and function, and most importantly, optimal health.

- Aaron Lesue


Q: Is this training only for men?
No, this training can be applied to men and women because the principles are the same for both groups.
Q: I’m out of shape, can I still do this?
Yes! Every single workout has a modified option so you can use this program at any point in your fitness journey. Staying on track with the nutrition requirements that I’ll provide for you will also help you feel strong enough to train with this plan.
Q: Will this require supplements?
Some supplements are recommended, but do not come with the program and I do not distribute them. As with any change in supplementation, it’s best to consult your doctor first.
Q: Do I need a gym membership for this?
No, every workout in this plan can be done from home if needed with minimal equipment.
Q: What if I don’t like this program?
I offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying the program.
Q: I don’t want to play sports, is this for me?
Yes! It doesn’t matter if you’re training to be an athlete or not. The point is that an athletic approach to muscle gain is unique in that it uses the full spectrum of training to achieve those goals. It’s a more fun, healthy way to train for anyone.
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