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Today ONLY! : Get follow How To Eat & Train For Your Goals. These include: Diet, coaching & workout tips to help you lose fat faster and build a lean, athletic physique from home for only $17!

What's Included:
  • WRITTEN & VIDEO WORKOUTS ($997 value) 
  • ​LOWER BODY EMPHASIS - Lower body focus helps you build a solid, powerful foundation. 
  • ​​UPPER BODY EMPHASIS - Upper body focus creates a strong, athletic body
  • ​​COMBO DAYS - Whole body workouts improve coordination and balance
  • ​​SHOULDER STABILITY & MOBILITY - Because healthy shoulders = strong shoulders
  • GLUTE & HAMSTRING ACTIVATION - Learn how to activate and utilize these important athletic muscles to build a proportionate, functional body
  • ​​CONDITIONING CHALLENGES - Boost your cardiovascular endurance to a new level for overall health
  • ​FOAM ROLLING ROUTINE - Get pre and post workout foam rolling routines for pliability and better recovery
  • ​​LEG FINISHERS - These give you strong, powerful legs that are the cornerstone of an athletic body
  • ​​6-PACK FINISHERS - Get the best set of abs in any locker room that also help support your foundation of fitness
  • ​​STRETCH ROUTINES - Because flexibility will make or break your athleticism
  • ​ATHLETE’S GROCERY LIST (NEW!) ($27 value)

Money-Back Guarantee

If for some reason you’re not feeling stronger, running faster, jumping higher, reacting quicker, moving better, stretching farther, or looking more lean and athletic…

Then you can ask for a stress-free refund after giving the program the full 30 days and we’ll give it to you, no questions asked. 

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